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About Us

Aswan Music Club – A History in Entertainment

I began collecting recordings in 1965, I was 9 years old at the time, and and over the years Aswan Entertainment aka Aswan Music Club evolved into the concept you see today. Sound Express began in 1977-78 in Fort Smith, Ark., in association & support with Sound Emporium / Sound Warehouse Music from 1978 -1984. I remember telling Dad I always wanted to open my own record store someday, and in 1985 right across from Darby Junior High School on Grand Ave. “Future Sounds Music & Entertainment” was born. Since that time we’ve offering more than 42 years later in & out as a DJ service in the greater entertainment & music industry we can assure you, your party’s will always be a success. Our history, after going public in 1978-79, I began spinning music at the local night-spot “The Private Club” operated by Mr. Carl Willis Sr. a resident from the Fort Smith area, he was well known in the catering business & of course the rest is club history.

Little did anyone know, as it was just a humble beginning as we’d go on in service to & in association with the Y.M.A. to post-up as Entertainment & music consultants and entertainment contractors thru Fort Sill, Oklahoma for our local U.S. Military installation at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 1980 until 1988. After building 3 complete DJ systems, I’d say we found longevity is a good indicator of the skills it took to keep entertainments engine moving. Many say we’ve had a very good run, and you would be correct all during the late 70’s, 80’s & into the 90’s all the while serving as house DJ’s for the legendary night-spot club owner Mr. Earl Dickerson host of ‘The Diamond Inn’. We also served the Fort Smith area well in just about every other club, school and college in the Tri-State region. Well as you tell and see, we not only know music we know how to keep anyone’s party jumping. So, if you’re still looking for New or Classic Vinyl records, DJ Gear or lighting just Call the (The DR.) @ 479 7822279, and tell us exactly what you need & we can help make that happen. At Personalized-Pc/Aswan Entertainment we provide service for your audio system, electronics, computers, software & hardware repair services along with Entertainment-Media services Etc.. and we can get it done on time, on budget and at a fair price.

Maybe you’re just interested in entertainment or a birthday party or up-coming event? We’ll help you with logistics & recommend the right size venue for your venue or groups & our crew offers the individual talent & are knowledgeable of the entertainment industry, so whatever the need we can help you today or into the future. So, if it’s in our local community, a private affair, or somewhere outside of our home base here in Beautiful Fort Smith, Arkansas’s area. Join Us as the Re-launch of this site we’re Celebrating over 53 Years of Music & Entertainment history, We offer what is a Deep Catalog or a rich history in music entertainment-media. Keep in mind you can custom pick your playlist for any performance, to make your events one’s to remember by all. Whatever the need give us a call to discuss your party plans, and thanks for sharing the good times of your lives. Just give us the call @ (479) 782-2279…” Welcome to Aswan Music Club Online! “Where Entertainment-Media, Technology, Computers, Electronics, and Music Merge! Thank you for your visiting with us and for your Business.. and Remember ‘Keep Watching & Listening to the Music” @ “ASWAN Entertainment’.. ‘(The Dr.)’

P.S. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

“Where Entertainment-Media, Technology, Computers, Electronics, and Music Merge!

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